Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kitchen Love

Today I'm dreaming of kitchens with  a neutral palette, marble counters, and brass details. Oh, how I would love to cook in any of these kitchens!

Images via Remodelista
Kitchen by London designer Harriet Anstruther 
Kitchen designed  by Annabelle Selldorf 
 Kitchen designed by Jessica Helgerson 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Anthropologie Aprons

Hello! Sorry to bring you guys such inconsistent blog posts. I've been so busy! 
These aprons from Anthropologie sure caught my eye. They're adorable and look like party dresses. 

Tea and Crumpets Apron

Loop Di Loop Apron

Stripes Abound Apron

 Stripe Up Apron

Friday, April 11, 2014


There is the Mimosa, which is made up of orange juice and champagne. And then there is the Mymosa--my version of the Mimosa, made with orange juice and beer. Fresh squeezed orange juice combined with a crisp, wheat beer is a refreshing take on the popular brunch beverage. 

Mymosas are made with equal parts orange juice (fresh, if possible) and wheat beer. 

Here are a few beers that pair well:

Allagash Brewing Company, Portland, Maine

Allagash White is a fruity and complex medium-bodied beer, spiced with coriander and orange peel. The hearty spices complement the bright citrus notes. And orange juice adds a level of sweetness while highlighting the orange peel.  

Lost Coast Brewery, Eureka, California

Tangerine Wheat Ale is a delightful citrus beer with a bright tangerine aroma and flavor. It's pleasant and bittersweet. The bitterness of the hops level the sweetness of the tangerine. It's a natural pairing with orange juice!

Lost Coast Brewery, Eureka, California

This beer is ultra crisp and refreshing with orange juice. It's spiced with both coriander and a blend of Humboldt herbs, which give it a light citrus flavor. 

*Serve Mymosas chilled and enjoy!
*If you're ever in Eureka, make sure you visit the brewery! It's a great place to 
unwind with tasty beer!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Sweet Jewelry

Happy Monday! I am starting the week sweet with these wearable confections by Onch Movement. They're fun and are excellent statement pieces. I'll take them all, please.

Pop Art inspired

And something bacony:

Friday, April 4, 2014

A Must-try Cheese: Cypress Grove's Purple Haze

Purple Haze by Cypress Grove is one of those cheeses that you will remember. My first taste of Purple Haze resulted in a little dance, which is an indicator that I am really enjoying what I'm eating. Its flavor is complex--the base is a tangy fresh goat's cheese with the addition of lavender and fennel pollen. Lavender adds a subtle floral note and fennel pollen rounds it all out with its slightly sweet, anise flavors.This is a lovely aromatic cheese that is truly unique. I'd pair Purple Haze with a bright, tart and refreshing glass of  Sauvignon Blanc, an ideal complement to the sweet and acidic qualities of Purple Haze.

Photography Credit: Purple Haze image via Fresh Direct, Sauvignon Blanc via Lede Family Wines

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Childhood Snacks

Commercials of the 90s were truly effective, as they were gimmicky. Remember the "gimme a break" Kit Kat jingle? And the singin' California raisins? I swear, after every commercial, I wanted to purchase the advertised item right then and there. As a kid growing up in the 90s, I loved my lunch box snacks. And you bet I tried nearly all of those that were advertised on the commercials. That Keebler elf sure knew how to get me excited about cookies!
Lunch time was a big deal when I was a kid. I enjoyed uncovering the yummy surprises in my ultra cool Mickey Mouse lunchbox (with matching thermos). And, snack swapping with friends was the thing to do. "Can I trade my Gushers for your Fruit by the Foot?"  Ahh... those were the days. There were a lot of great snacks in the 90s. But, these goodies bring back fond memories of my very awesome elementary school lunches. What are some of your favorite childhood snacks?

1. Dunkaroos
Dunking the cinnamon graham crackers into white frosting w/ sprinkles was deliciously fun.
Photography Credit: Grub Grade

2. Squeezeit
Twist the top and squeeze out the fruit-flavored liquid. Oh yeah.
Photography Credit: Ranker

3.Handi-Snacks Cheese & Crackers
I used to eat the cheese first.
Photography Credit: Serious Eats

4. Gushers
I couldn't resist that liquid fruity center.
Photography Credit: Groceries-Express

5. Lunchables
These rocked! I used to layer all of the meat, crackers and cheese and try to fit it in my mouth.
Photography Credit: 90s life

6. LifeSavers Gummies
I would stretch them out and wear them as rings. Yeah, I was a cool kid.
Photography Credit: Candy blog