Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cowgirl Creamery's Red Hawk

Red Hawk is my favorite California cheese. It's a gorgeous, washed-rind, triple cream made by Cowgirl Creamery in Pt. Reyes. The cheese is washed in a brine solution, which gives it a red-orange rind and slightly pungent aroma. It's rich in texture with earthy notes, a light creme fraiche tang, and hints of sea salt. You can taste the supreme quality and freshness of  Bivalve Dairy's organic milk in Red Hawk. It's ah-mazing.

photography credits: cowgirl creamery

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cheese Makes Me Happy Hour

A few Wednesdays back, I attended The Cheese School of San Francisco's "Cheese Makes Me Happy Hour." It was one of those relaxing happy hours, without the loud noise and immense crowds.
After a long day of work, it was exactly what I needed. For $20, I was able to help myself to bountiful cheeses, hors d'oeuvres and enjoy a glass of wine. I left indeed, happy.

Cheese School of San Francisco
2124 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA  94110
p: 415.346.7530

Stunning presentation of cheese.

Brie de Meaux with grilled peaches and preserved walnuts. It was my first time having preserved walnuts, and they were sweet and just delicious.

Stratta with carrot romesco.

My plate of food. I had seconds!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Elbow Room

Today I am inspired by Thomas Wilder's identity design and interior for  Elbow Room, a gourmet mac and cheese restaurant. The graphics are quirky, I love the typography of the logo, and I am absolutely digging the modern, industrial interior. It all just makes me happy.

images via branding served

Friday, September 26, 2014

California Made: Cloud 9 Orchard

A few months back, I had an educational day with Cloud 9 Orchard, an award-winning, family run olive farm in Monterey County. Cloud 9 Orchard hand picks their olives and creates their oils in small batches, which results in a fresh and exquisite olive oil. Their oils have a perky, pure, straight from the olive flavor that is truly exceptional.

May, the owner of the company, and I, had a wonderful highlighting her products in vibrant summer dishes, while chatting about all things olive oil!

Here are some great tips I picked up from May:

-Do not purchase anything that is not extra virgin! Extra virgin olive is the highest quality of olive oil and is the most nutritious.

-The smoke point of olive oil is 410, you can saute in it and still  maintain its nutrients.

-You can tell when your olive oil has gone rancid when the oil attacks your tongue, it starts to feel very tannic. Always check the harvest date on each bottle you purchase!

Thank you, May, for allowing me to get to know your company, and participating in my "California Made" blog series!

Olive oil tasting.
 I enjoyed all her oils. The french blend, a gold medal winner, used picholine, cailletier, lucques, olives and had a spicy, peppery flavor. The Italian blend was sweeter, olivey, with a medium short bite. It won best of class and a gold medal.
And her butiallan oil was amazingly fresh, floral, and clean.

Citrus olive oil cake. Ah-may-zing! The citrus and freshness of the olive oil worked
beautifully together.

Gazpacho in the making!

We finished the gazpacho with various olive oils, but found that the French blend brought out the
sweetness from the peppers. Refreshing and flavorful!

Fresh Bruschetta, was a great way to highlight her oils. The Italian blend was used,
which brought out the natural sweetness of the tomatoes.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Festival of Cheese 2014

I had the ultimate pleasure of volunteering and attending the American Cheese Society's Festival of Cheese last month. The Festival of Cheese celebrates the last day of the ACS conference for cheese industry professionals. Imagine a large convention center filled with over 1,600 competition cheeses--everything from smoked cheeses to fresh varieties, and all the blues you can imagine.There were about 50 or more cheeses that lined each table.
I enjoyed taking part in the preparation of the festival. I assisted the blue cheese team in cutting, wrapping, and displaying award winning blues. The smell was intense, the team was fierce, and we were one of the first tables to finish! It was an excellent learning experience, and I met so many awesome people during my visit, including Veronique of Miss Cheesemonger and Doralice Handal, owner of the Cheese Shop of Healdsburg. This was my first time at an ACS event and it was one of those life awakening experiences. I can't wait to attend next year's conference in Rhode Island!


Line of cheese volunteers getting registered.

Beautiful blue display.

Hard at work!

I mean...

Sriracha cheese!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cheese E-cards

When on Instagram, I often come across hilarious e-cards. They're entertaining to me since I can definitely relate...especially these cheese ones. What e-cards do you enjoy?

I always put an obscene amount of Parmesan on my pasta.

I can't get enough of cheesy garlic bread...

That's a HUGE deal.



Tuesday, July 15, 2014