Friday, April 4, 2014

A Must-try Cheese: Cypress Grove's Purple Haze

Purple Haze by Cypress Grove is one of those cheeses that you will remember. My first taste of Purple Haze resulted in a little dance, which is an indicator that I am really enjoying what I'm eating. Its flavor is complex--the base is a tangy fresh goat's cheese with the addition of lavender and fennel pollen. Lavender adds a subtle floral note and fennel pollen rounds it all out with its slightly sweet, anise flavors.This is a lovely aromatic cheese that is truly unique. I'd pair Purple Haze with a bright, tart and refreshing glass of  Sauvignon Blanc, its sweet and acidic qualities work beautifully with Purple Haze.

Photography Credit: Purple Haze image via Fresh Direct, Sauvignon Blanc via Lede Family Wines