Friday, April 11, 2014


There is the Mimosa, which is made up of orange juice and champagne. And then there is the Mymosa--my version of the Mimosa, made with orange juice and beer. Fresh squeezed orange juice combined with a crisp, wheat beer is a refreshing take on the popular brunch beverage. 

Mymosas are made with equal parts orange juice (fresh, if possible) and wheat beer. 

Here are a few beers that pair well:

Allagash Brewing Company, Portland, Maine

Allagash White is a fruity and complex medium-bodied beer, spiced with coriander and orange peel. The hearty spices complement the bright citrus notes. And orange juice adds a level of sweetness while highlighting the orange peel.  

Lost Coast Brewery, Eureka, California

Tangerine Wheat Ale is a delightful citrus beer with a bright tangerine aroma and flavor. It's pleasant and bittersweet. The bitterness of the hops level the sweetness of the tangerine. It's a natural pairing with orange juice!

Lost Coast Brewery, Eureka, California

This beer is ultra crisp and refreshing with orange juice. It's spiced with both coriander and a blend of Humboldt herbs, which give it a light citrus flavor. 

*Serve Mymosas chilled and enjoy!
*If you're ever in Eureka, make sure you visit the brewery! It's a great place to 
unwind with tasty beer!


  1. so glad I discovered your fab blog! Your photography is excellent.

  2. Okay so i must try the Mymosa...because sometimes a girl just wants a beer, but it's a little too early to really justify one!

  3. Wow - this sounds so yummy!! I do love a traditional mimosa, but your version sounds delicious as well :) definitely need to try it.